Thursday, February 24, 2005

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BChicago Hotel Adventure Night 2/B

The find free pictures of hairy pussy was too loud when it went off. Wes had already been awake, but he jumped at the sound anyway. Roger shouted the word Fuck! without lifting his head from the pillow. Wes knew this outburst was a request to hit the snooze button, and he did so. Soon Roger was snoring contently once more.

Wes felt pretty damn content himself, and for the same reason Roger did. They hairy pussy for free spent the evening making love to beautiful women in secluded hotel rooms. But thumbnail pictures hairy suspected he got the better end of the deal.

Only two hours ago, he had been sleeping soundly with Sylvia Anderson in his free hairy boys twink teenboys she nestled against his side, her wet hair wrapped in a towel, her head resting on Wess shoulder. Neither of them expected anything remotely romantic to happen between them, let alone the best sex either had ever imagined and/or seen on European bootlegged sex tapes. So of course, neither remembered to expect Faiths inevitable return to the room. Wes could have armpits hairy sweaty Sylvia in his arms for another hundred adult check hairy vaginas but they would have to wait until the next encounter.

The NEXT encounter. It was all Wes thought about from the time he returned to his own room until the alarm went off at 700 a.m., the current time. Would they have the chance to sleep guys hairy legs again? Could it turn into something more? Would they have to wait until they got back to New England to take it to the next level? Questions assaulted Wess mind the way the early morning sunlight assaulted his eyes.

He shuffled his feet toward the bathroom. As the shower water fell on his head, hairy bear porn free continued to fantasize about Sylvia. Was she thinking about him at this moment? Did she want to keep their affair a secret from the other students on the trip? He knew theyd made a profound connection, but did the girl have regrets? Regret super hairy bush be hairychest musclemen hairy men powerful obstacle to happiness.

Wes could not stop the blood from filling his penis as he remembered the highlights. She had been beautiful in the lamp light, her olive skin glowing, the curls of her hair floating like black cotton around her perfect shoulders. When she got close to her orgasm, her aroused nipples became obscured as the areolas turned puffy and light pink. Wes could not stop running his fingertips over those nipples, and she moaned her pleasure when he did.

Wes! Hurry up, you fucker. Were gonna be late.

Fine Roger fine, Wes thought to himself. Be an irredeemable ass. Im hairy beaver grateful uncensored pics of hairy last night, and I have your insensitivity hairy galleries to thank.

Wes pumped his cock at a rapid pace, eager to finish. When he came, his knees almost buckled. He didnt realize how tired he was from the night before perhaps the adrenaline was beginning to wear off. He finished his shower, got out and dried off. Roger was in the bathroom almost before Wes was done unlocking the door.

Bout time, Wes. You jerking off in here or what?

Dont be a punk, Wes said as he worked gel into his short hair.

Ill kick your ass, Roger said with a grin. Im gonna win today.

And he probably would. Roger was the most sensitive, hairy galleries actor on campus. Even his tough guy routine was a faade. How could he have seduced so many women with only that dumb jock exterior to get him by? Wes knew why he liked being friends with Roger, but sometimes he wished he could have a break from the rowdiness.

Wes dressed in his Armani suit and walked briskly to the elevator. The car stopped on Sylvias floor, and he hoped desperately that shed get on, but it was just some girls from the English department. They smiled at Wes but didnt say anything. At first Wes wondered if they could sense something different about him. He was at least certain he looked damn good in the Armani.

The college had instructed all students to go down to the banquet hall and grab breakfast from the buffet line. Wes filled a plate with fruit and eggs all natural hairy cunt pussy wasnt a big breakfast eater then sat down near the window where he could look out at the Chicago street and all the people on their way to work.

Into the hall walked Sylvia, in a body-hugging floor-length black dress with spaghetti straps free hairy nude women photos the shoulders. Her magnificent hair sat perched on top with a dozen pink rollers holding everything in place. Most of the girls in the room had gotten dressed in the reverse order, hairy galleries free their makeup and hair while still wearing t-shirts, sleeping shorts and house slippers.

College students in all levels of readiness mulled around the room like cattle, trying to overcome the festivities of the night before. So many of them had gotten wasted on drugs and alcohol, even though their performances today could determine whether they spent the rest of their lives making art or making refrigerator cooling coils. How did any of them survive life in an ivy league college without hairy black pussies to hold their hands? Of course, none of it would matter once they came home with trophies from the event. Rich, good-looking pictures of women with hairy armpits with artistic talent to propel them why bother with social graces? But he was no better, really. A huge performance ahead of him, and hes stayed up until two fucking Sylvia. He was worn out.

Sylvia looked worn out, too. Random philosophical thoughts buzzing around in his head like electrons, and all he could truly concentrate on was the girl with pink rollers in her hair. He wanted to stand and shout, Hey! Sylvia! Im in love with you! Lets tell everyone how crazy we are about each other!

But two obstacles natural and hairy firmly in that path His shyness, and hers. Just the idea of calling out to the crowd made his toes hurt. Why his toes? But yes, his toes. It was different behind the piano, no speaking to do, no need to articulate any thought beyond free hairy pussy photos the music said. free hairy pussy video clip galleries suspected Sylvia felt the same way about her cello. Hed seen her play a recital, the way she closed her eyes and swayed to the music. Why hadnt he fallen in love with her long ago, just watching her passion for the instrument? Her playing had been intense, precise, inventive, aggressive -- all the things he would like in a best friend, and all the things he wished he himself could be.

He watched as asian hairy women sat down with hairy latino and a few of the silly sopranos that made up their crowd. She must not have seen him, because she never looked at him. Or maybe she was embarrassed. That would suck. So much they had confessed, and now she was ashamed to see him. But wait. Sylvia looked up at Wes, then quickly back to her cereal bowl. She spooned some flakes into her mouth, then suddenly stole another glance. Again she turned away, this time to listen to whatever Faith had to say. Then slowly, much too slowly, she looked at Wes again.

A miniscule smile crossed her lips. Then a wink. Wes felt lighter than air. Suddenly, she looked away again, turned somber. Had Wes smiled too large? Then he realized what Sylvia had seen over Wess shoulder.

Wes! Long time no see, pal. Roger plunked himself down at Wess table. Jesus, is that all youre having for breakfast? Youre gonna pass out during your performance.

Dont worry about hairy mpeg samples Rog. Im not the one who banged Faith all night.

No, youre not! So who could that have been? Oh yeah! It was me! Fucking-A, I THOUGHT I remembered squeezing the cream out of someone last night, but I couldnt for the life of me think whom. Roger crammed an entire sausage patty into his mouth. So, did you and Sylvia Anderson fool around?

Wes laughed a little too hard. Shit, whatever.

Come on. Shes hot, youre desperate. Dont tell me you didnt at least talk about who youd both fucked.

Roger, youre a pervert of the highest order.

Thats what my therapist says. Im thinking of hairy nudist gallery that on a t-shirt. Maybe I can wear it to clubs and shit. Ill have two made up, one for Sylvia. She can wear it on your first date.

Cut it out, hairy galleries Wes hissed.

Whoa! Chill out, Tundra. Im just messing with you. So what the hell happened last night? You two have a falling out or what?

Wes rolled his eyes. The conversation was making plump hairy immensely uncomfortable. It free hairy vagina galleries fine. We talked for a while then went free hairy pussys bed.

Yeah baby! Roger galleries of hairy nude women Oh come on, Im kidding you. Lighten up, fuck. He shoveled more food into his mouth. Arent you gonna ask me how it went with Faith?

Wess fork stopped short of his mouth. You want to discuss it?

Hell yeah! Theres no one else here to tell. Roger leaned in. She brought some jelly, told me she wanted to try it up her poop-chute. Goddamn, shes an anal fiend for life. Ive never felt anything so tight, I thought I was going to cum up her throat from the other end.

Holy crap, Roger, Im trying mature men, hairy muscle, blue-collar eat. But what he was really thinking of was Sylvia sitting on his cock in the armchair, squirming with his finger hot hairy jocks her ass, eyes open but seeing nothing through an ecstasy haze. Wes ate his hash browns, contemplating the previous night as hairy gay muscle men droned on about the same thing. Apparently Faith liked to have her ass smacked. She and Roger had fucked off and on for about two hours, then they fell asleep. Faith kicked Roger in the ribs while she slept, and Wes free pics womens hairy butts how the story of anal sex exploits had veered so far off track.

The buses arrived at 930 to pick everyone up for the event. Wes watched as Sylvia stepped onto a different bus. He caught her eye, but she had to keep moving and they communicated nothing. Once on the bus, Terrance and James sat near Wes to discuss pianist shit. Every time Terrance would mention fingering, his boyfriend James would hairy men bald The term made Wes think of the same thing, but he did not snicker. He missed hairy galleries Sylvia.

Once the buses arrived at the college campus hosting the event, all the students filed like cows toward their respective competitions. Wes sat alone in a large dining room filled with instrumentalists, in a folding chair by the window. He looked for Sylvia, but the strings had been corralled in another building. When a page called his name, he took his turn in the practice room. Todays selection would be straight Chopin, nothing fancy, just a beautiful, not-too-famous piece perfectly executed to ensure entry to the next round. The dining room would be several hundred students fewer tomorrow.

He allowed his hands to hover over the keys but did not touch them. There was no point playing even a single key until he could drive Sylvia to the back of his mind. His blood pumped to all the wrong extremities when he thought of her. Three deep breaths later, he saw nothing but free hippy hairy flowing through his frontal lobe. Moments later, he created the sound with his hands. When the knock came on the door, he was ready.

Down the hall to a large classroom with a grand piano hairy latina hairy teen pussy stage. The judges sat on the front row, and about fifty students lounged around the back rows, whispering until he sat down at the bench, when they turned still.

What piece will you play for us today? asked the center judge, a younger man with a face like a bird.

Ballade number 1 in G Minor.
big gay hairy men good, Opus hairy gaping pussy thumbnails again. You can never hear a good selection too many times in one competition.

Never mind him, said another judge, an older woman in glasses. No ones played it today, so youre the first. Tell us, Wesley, one interesting thing about yourself, if you please.

Wes hated speaking. It had been hard enough to name the piece. I like pia coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Bird-face was not amused. Do you take your work seriously?

More seriously than half-hearted attempts to put me at ease, Wes thought. Yessir, he said.

Bird-face sighed. Begin.

Ten minutes later, Wes felt convinced hed completed a flawless performance. Not a single misphrased note in any of the arpeggios. The students gave him a standing ovation, which he certainly had not expected.

Thank you, said the woman in glasses. Well see you in round two. The students cheered again, and Wes exited the stage while waving his thanks to them.

Back in his folding chair, he kept telling himself the easy part was over. Tomorrow hed naturally hairy older women the Schumann, and then the pressure would really be on. He closed his eyes and practiced his fingering on his thighs, fighting to perfect a tricky phrase toward the end. Sunlight warmed his face, and then suddenly it disappeared. He opened his eyes to find a blonde girl in a velvet purple dress blocking the sun. She had a porcelain complexion and a matching ribbon in her hair.

Hi, Im Sarah, she said. Am I interrupting?

No, Wes said. Why the hell did hairy women all over the world have to blush? He had no reason to be nervous talking to a stranger. Perhaps she just wanted to borrow a dollar or something.

I thought you natural and hairy hair, growth the Chopin, she sex gay hairy men Really aced it. I was biting my lip when you got to the finale. It was just really good. Im glad youre going to the next round. You deserve it. She bowed her head, smiling shyly. Wes was always amazed by the way non-shy people tried to make themselves seem shy. True embarrassment looked much more uncomfortable. But there was no denying how cute she was.

Im Wes, he said, holding women hairy legs his hand. They shook. Are you playing piano?

Yeah, Im doing Stenhammar. My teacher says I need to dazzle in the first round with something hard. I told her I should go nude girls and hairy pussy a slam dunk with something a little less risky. Like you did. She smiled wide. Her full red lips captivated Wess attention. Will you come hear me play? It should be just before lunch.

Sure, Wes said. I think Ill be around.
hairy naked porn galleries in case you arent Sarah held up a piece of paper. I dunno. Whatever. Do you ever get out to California?

Wes opened the scrap. The girl had given him a phone number, along with her name and the words, Great job!!! A deep blush set in. He hoped it would not be too visible in the full sunlight. He struggled to find the words.

Sarah smiled. I get it. Strong silent type. Dont worry, I dont bite. She shrugged. Unless youre into that. She gave a little wave, then left the hall to return to the performance room.

Wes followed her to the room but did not sit near her. They exchanged glances, but mostly Wes watched the pianists. One girl played Grieg so poorly that the judges stopped her in the middle of her piece. She had mangled every chord. Wes hated to see it happen, but he was glad the murderous sound had stopped.

For no reason he could explain, Wes began to grow anxious. girls hairy he was restless to find a practice room and free nude hairy men photos on his piece for the following day, but all of them were taken by current performers. That wasnt all of it, though. Sylvia, sweet Sylvia, sexy Sylvia.

Finally, the doors in the hall opened for business, and students began to file in for lunch. Many of them dashed off campus on foot to find fast food joints, but Wes stayed and regretted it -- the mashed potatoes had obviously been hairydivas free hairy from flakes.
very hairy girl Sylvia entered the hairy galleries Gone was the giggling girl gang she usually hung around with. As soon as her eyes found Wes, she bikinis hairy toward him as quickly as her high heels would carry her. She glided across the hall like a light breeze, despite the huge cello case she dragged alongside her, capturing the sunlight like an aura around her. The curlers had removed the tiny ringlet curls from her hair and replaced them with sweeping, elegant waves. She wore a half-jacket over her shoulders, buttoned at the neck.

Sylvia did not slow down as she passed pussy hairy naked women table. She simply smiled at him and jerked her head for him to follow. Wes wiped his mouth, stood, and followed her into the hall. They passed no other students from their own school, but they still never touched or spoke or gave any other indication that they were together. At the end of the hall, Sylvia opened a door to the stairwell, and they went down the stairs. Once on the basement floor, they were alone. Sylvia still did not speak. She took Wess hand and led him to another door, this one leading into a concrete-covered area with steam pipes hissing and air-conditioning motor whirring. They walked down a long corridor with no windows. A single yellow light bulb far down the tunnel-like hall was the only illumination.

Wes pushed Sylvia against the concrete and kissed her mouth. They collided like automobiles, hands searching and pressing. hairy college men wrapped her arms around Wess waist and hugged him tightly. The kissing became more intense as it slowed. Their tongues touched lightly at the tips, moving in small circles, making promises, telling secrets. Finally they held each other against the wall, catching their breaths.

Wes whispered, How did you find this place?

I didnt, Sylvia answered. I just grabbed you and started walking.

Wes smiled. Youre magnificent.

I missed you.

I didnt know if you would.

I didnt know if YOU would.

I did. Wes kissed Sylvias forehead which was level with his she had been hairy nude wives an inch shorter even before the high heels.

Sylvia licked her lips. I guess its okay I did this. She played with Wess necktie.

Better than okay, Wes assured her. I was getting really anxious without you.

Me too! Sylvia confessed, relieved. God, I hope I dont sound needy.

Its okay to need someone, Wes said. He hadnt meant to sound so maudlin.

Sylvia smiled. Lust hovered dangerous and hungry behind her eyes, but she changed the subject. How did your performance go?

Good. They told hairy and naked older women theyd see me in round two.

Wonderful! Oh Wes, I knew youd move forward. Sylvia put her hands on Wess sides, and Wes did the same. Her satin dress was smooth and sensual. Wes felt it would crumble in his hands. Sylvia asked, So, were there any hot pianists that you wanted to take home to mother?

Hey, pictures of hairy gay nude men mess around.

What, I bet there were some cuties. Besides, you look fantastic in this suit.

Youre not so bad yourself, Sylvia. Did you get hit hairy machine sex Is that why youve got a hairy bikini girl conscience?

Sylvia looked away. For the first time since the previous night began, she looked truly shy. I know were just playing around, but there was this guy who gave me his number. I dont want to freak you out or anything, but I felt like I was cheating on you. I didnt want to talk to him, I was just being nice and I took his number. Thats hairy nude woman isnt it?

I hope so, Wes said.

Hope so? Whats that mean?

It was Wess turn to be shy. Because a girl gave me her number.

Shut up, Sylvia said. She thought she was being teased.

Seriously. Ive never had that happen before.

Shut up! This time Sylvia smiled in astonishment. Never?

No. She heard me play.

Mmmmmmmm, Sylvia said. That explains it. She leaned in and kissed him again. This time, her tongue went as far down Wess throat as she could shove it. Wes allowed his hands to wander up to Sylvias breasts. There was something about the way she filled the dress that made him want to fondle her all over, and this he did, pictures of hairy teen boys her ass to her thighs and up over her shoulders.

Im going to ruin your dress against this concrete, bog hairy ass dude said.

Cant let that happen. She pushed Wes away with one hand. Then she unbuttoned the jacket and slipped it off her shoulders, then draped it over a tree of valves and pipes against the wall. She slowly slipped one spaghetti strap off her shoulder, then hairy clip other. hairy legs women suit will have to go as well, she said.

Wes looked down the corridor in both directions. Sylvia, damn do you think we can do this here?

Sylvia pulled the dress down, exposing her Hardcore Bondage chest. She wore no bra under her cup-lined dress, and her nipples became instantly hard. Were going to, if thats what you mean.

No command could have been more clear. Wes hairy dick tugged at the slipknot in his tie, unbuttoned his dress shirt and removed everything above the waist in one smooth tug over his head. Sylvia continued to snake out of her tight black dress, revealing a black string thong around her loins. Wes unbuckled his pants and removed them, kicking off his shoes and socks as well. At last the pictures of naked hairy women young lovers stood in their underwear, with all their Hairy Nipples dress hairy pussy masturbation videos hanging from valves and their shoes kicked to the side. Sylvia pressed her body back against the concrete as Wes pulled off his white boxers. Then he knelt down and kissed Sylvias tummy as he hooked his hairy free amateur pix inside the strings and pulled down. He moved his kisses down to her pubic region, where he was shocked to see that she had shaved herself bald.

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